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25 Responses to “22 best Android multiplayer games”

  • Jake Hoarston says:

    sim city aimed for adults? what?

  • grumpy1471 says:

    I really enjoy Shadowgun: Deadzone. A good majority of the player base is
    either playing on the touchscreens of their phones or they just plain suck;
    therefore, getting a really great score and going on insane killstreaks
    when playing on my Nvidia Shield is hilariously easy. 

  • towerguarder says:

    quiz up is my most played multiplayer game lol

  • Juan Zuluaga says:

    Mc5 rank sysstem is bull shit, its ridiculous that you get 2 or 3 league
    points wining a match and having 30kills 5 deaths, but if you lose a match
    with 14 kills 7 deaths you lose around 25 league ponts

  • Dylans VitaReviews says:

    Around 90% of these games have inapp purchases. I guess I wont be getting
    around 90% of these apps.

    Seriously though, if it has inapp purchases, it’s probably a pay2win game.

  • Kusay Moukaed says:


  • BelgianSocialistPony says:

    I deleted all city builder games, they are nearly all the same anyway.
    Modern Combat 5 is unfortunatly not very good, tight corridors, bad acting,
    trying to flaunt it’s basically upscaled PS2 graphics and constant IAP
    reminders and going through the menu after each level are frustrating. I
    paid full price for MC5, and I got what I paid for I’m afraid.

    Is it really that much to ask for to get a decent flowing FPS game instead
    of cluttering it with menu’s and basic bad game design?

    Medal of Honor: Rising Sun on Android, now that would be something I’d pay
    the price of MC5 for.

  • caimin15221522 says:

    As far as I know Worms: clan wars is on android now, pretty fun on PC..

  • R34 says:

    Keep it up Joe Hindy , your videos are really usefull , thanks!

  • Samrat Chokshi says:

    How did you miss out on FUN RUN and FIFA 14/15?

  • Reece Zimmerman says:

    I’m surprised real racing 3 wasn’t on there but CSR racing was.

  • Fehry Budiferandi says:

    Which game only with Bluetooth for multi player? 

  • Frankie Hiltz says:

    I HATE the kind of games that’ll be like “This so and so is gonna tke 4
    days to build! Give us 20$ to have it completed right now”. Sort of like
    Farmville, Dragon Story, and all that. I had my fun with them years ago,
    but now they’re just a huge pain .-.

  • Roy Ryan says:

    You guys should’ve checked out C.H.A.O.S it’s a helicopter battle
    multiplayer. Pretty fun.

  • Paul de Ruiter says:

    Why not show actual gameplay video instead of screenshots of those web
    pages. Would be a lot more helpful. 

  • Tissuecatz says:

    You missed out World of Tanks Blitz, it is a great online game.

  • Bosley8000 says:

    I don’t see infinity blade on this list

  • Illiya Korniyenko says:

    what’s the game on the background of the intro?

  • Johan Gutiérrez says:

    Modern Combat 5 crashes with Android 5.0.1 on Galaxy Note 4. I think i’m
    going back to 4.4.4 becuase it was the game I played the most.

  • Jonathan Kind says:

    good vid, but wouldn’t showing actual gameplay be better ?

  • HyPeR Elite says:

    Guys I play ShadowGun:Deadzone if you are looking for the best online
    3FS\FPS install this game!!! its the best!! Love this game been playing it
    for 1 week!

  • duckdon2 says:

    Wow what about WWE Immortals?

  • kamoteofthepast says:

    Can you guys make a list of games that is compatible with Dualshock 4

  • BlackhawkGaming says:

    Shadowgun isn’t compatible with my device?! Nexus 6 5.0.1

  • Daniel Jeong says:

    Another good multiplayer game is World of Tanks Blitz. It’s basically an
    MMO where you fight 7 vs 7 battles and upgrade your tanks. You can also
    play together with friends. 

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