Let’s be honest: you don’t always use your phone for productivity and communication. You also use it play games. A smartphone just wouldn’t be a smartphone without a folder full of your…

25 Responses to “3 Free Android Games You Should Be Playing”

  • TechnoBuffalo says:
  • Famaslam says:

    Jon, do you think the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will have improved battery? I
    have an iPhone 6 and I can’t last the whole day with a full charge.

    What do you think?

  • TheAlphaXephos says:

    Only thing i hate:

    Front design looks like OnePlusOne Phone…

  • Hunter Hastings says:

    all those games look boring

  • UnknownUser says:

    I hate mobile gaming. Every new app that’s released wants to be the next
    flappy bird.

  • Nick Lukas says:

    Hey Jon! Do you think the HTC m10 will be revolutionary? I know the m9 was
    just released, but what are your thoughts?

  • Leo Tan says:

    is it hard to play these games with a small screen phone?

  • NoWiredGaming says:

    The best app in the world are
    Youtube <— Number one
    Skype <—— Number two <——- If u say i wrong i telling Lord Beerus 

  • Sean Peterson says:

    Please get rid of this guy

  • Jayson Young says:

    Try Crusaders Quest, this game is really fun and rewards you a lot so you
    dont feel the need to buy things in game

  • nathan jones says:

    I would so have sex with Jon.

  • Tyler Barron says:

    try brave frontier or sky force which are some cool games with great

  • Chase Dowell says:

    I feel like their should be a “this is an ad disclaimer” on this video and
    not to do so really hurts your credibility. I’m not confident I can trust
    your review of the LG G Flex 2 with this paid ad for that phone disguised
    as a video game recommendation video. 

  • Aaron Joshua Turrioni says:

    All this games are shit
    Play SW or COC BITCH!

  • SergiioMan says:

    I have a better recomendation: Buy a MOGA Hero controller, then donwload
    ATARI, NES, SNES, GBA, DC, PSX emulators and you will be able to play real
    games far superior of any mobile “gaming” app. You don’t need a Flagship
    Smartphone to run any of them… use your Moto e.

  • timmy yong says:

    This video just screams desperate LG G Flex 2 ad.

  • EyeoftheGamer says:

    Asphalt 8 was one of my favorite games before Gameloft, the company who
    develops the game, added in so many IAPs. Now you would have to spend more
    than ~$100 to get the best cars in the game. There are cups in which you
    can win them, but only the top 50 or less get to win them. Once, the only
    way to get the best cars in the game was to buy a “car pack” that cost
    $99.99 +Tax.

    Don’t get me wrong though. The game is still extremely fun if you purchased
    (yes, purchased) it when it came out and had enough time to obtain large
    amounts of in-game currency, or if you don’t really care about being

  • blue4zero says:

    Android phones can actually handle games now? Damn, never thought I’d see
    this day… 

  • Pavit Arora says:

    This video was more like an advertisement for lg. And second all the games
    you showed were boring. You should’ve tried Modern Combat 5 and Dead
    Trigger 2. Asphalt 8 is still ok, but the other two were boring.

  • Joker1ruler says:

    You should do “must-have Android apps” next.
    Things like “7 minute workout” is awesome I really recommend it 

  • Aaron Yang says:

    Asphalt 8 is a good game, but it is expensive if you upgrade a lot.

  • DivineHand125 says:

    Brave Frontier Brave frontier is the best mobile game I have ever played.
    I’ve been playing for over a year and spend a couple of hours per day on
    this game. This game is well worth your time especially if you were a fan
    of JRPGs growing up.

  • Guilherme C. says:

    ~especially on this 5.5 inch screen~
    shameless product placement detected

  • Емил Ефендулов says:

    Instead of wasting 4 minutes on this video just go to the play store and
    browse the top ten list.

    You can thank me later.

  • rageatm4life says:

    Probably not the best idea to receive advertising money from phone
    companies. It could be seen as being bias in future reviews.

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