Hello everyone, my name is TheLazyTryhard and today I’m starting my series/tutorial on libgdx and how to develop android games using this framework. If you h…

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  • Simon G says:

    i get “no target selected” in the virtual!!!! D:

  • re8nifle says:

    I’m getting an error in my Android Manifest.

  • HUNDUB says:

    Please help, when I want to start the app it says: Your program contains
    error(s), please fix them before running your application. I followed every
    step, but I doesn’t works. I have android 4.4, thats the problem ?

  • TechCentral says:

    after i have done everything i get “:04 – First-android] Could not find
    First-android.apk!” when i try to run the program to make it go to the
    emulator. so any ideas? also, is there a way to get older android versions
    for the android emulator because i only get 4.4.2 and 2.2 so i have to use
    2.2 since 4.4.2 has only been released on the nexus 5. Thanks for any help 

  • Djbringer says:

    thanks for these tutorial videos man, good job:)
    do you know how long it takes for my virtual emulator to load? i just have
    that black screen.. been w8ing almost an hour, is that normal or am i doing
    something wrong maybe?

  • Ionut Cosmin says:

    Could you please tell me how to add more android versions ? I only have the
    4.4 version installed.( you have the 4.2.2 one ) I’m talking about what’s
    happening at 09:00; I wish i had all versions from 2.2 to 4.4

  • DrewsDesignz says:

    When I go to Android in the properties it says “No target available” I
    downloaded the ADT plugin how you did. Not sure how to add that?

  • Keith Candiotti says:

    For all of you getting stuck around the 9 minute mark do the following:
    Download the Android SDK (http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html) and
    do the default install. Once it is done installing go back to Eclipse
    Window->Preferences then click “Android” and hit browse. Navigate to the
    SDK you just downloaded and installed. It will find everything so hit Apply
    then OK. Resume the video and you should be good to go.

  • Rather B. Anon says:

    Amazing series, I can do nothing but humbly thank you!

  • ilias k says:

    7:00 i already downloaded and installed all the packages and the eclipse on
    the adt bundle before i installed libgbx and eclipse kepler so i have 2
    eclipse so what i download the android sdk again like in 7:14 ?

  • Ben Vanarragon says:

    When I try adding a new AVD i try hitting the OK button to create it and
    nothing happens…I can spam click it and nothing will happen, the screen
    just stays there.

  • Jibin Mathew says:

    For those of you having problems with the AVD’s ‘OK’ button:

    If ‘OK’ button is greyed out:
    1. System images aren’t installed:
    Go to Window>Android SDK Manager>[check and install appropriate packages]


    If ‘OK’ button isn’t greyed out:
    2. Go to Android SDK Manager>Tools (top of window)>Manage AVDs>[Go from

    Like this comment so other people with the same problem can see

  • Koen says:

    I’ve got a problem. I just reinstalled my Windows and installed the Android
    Bundle again, it saved my SDK location but that isn’t there anymore because
    I reinstalled my Windows. So now I don’t know where my SDK is!

  • Dre Reid says:

    Anybody here uses jc creator pro java ide???

  • Grocyle says:

    it says …. you need … kit to lanch eclipse

  • Avra Chakraborty says:

    download option is not there!!
    pls rply

  • Divine Jakiro says:

    i double click the .jar of setup, it can’t open the software of java T_T
    anyone help me?

  • Silentbaws says:

    DayZ Commander :D 

  • OTurner91 says:

    No darn third party tween engine popped up in mine, how did you set up the
    third party plugins? This seems to be a beginners guide, and you gotta show
    people how to set up plugins for libgdx

  • Justin Douglas says:

    If you say, made a really good game that you put a lot of time and effort
    into would you be able to charge for it if you were a umm….one man
    developer? (I believe there’s a name for that, indie game perhaps?) If not
    that’s fine I’d still love to produce my own game but it’d be pretty
    awesome to make some side cash for you efforts; you know?

  • DrunkenShinobi says:

    OK, went crazy here till I noticed that I’m an idiot for not listening
    completely. My current problem is not finding the projects in my “test”
    folder when I try to import… Can someone help me here? I’m also using the
    libGDX 1.1.0 version.

  • marko potočnik says:

    i get 3 errors:
    -the project was not built since its build path is incomplete
    -the type of android.os.handler cannot be resolved
    -unable to resolve target android 19
    can you pls help me

  • cjayem013 says:

    doesn’t work. I can create a new android application without errors but
    when I use libgdx to create the files and import it says error. 

  • cjayem013 says:

    Project “android” is missing required Java project: ‘TestGame – core’

  • Vlad Zingol says:

    Hello! Libgdx do not compile my game to apk… Why?
    (Sorry that my english level so bad. I’m russian)

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