I show you guys ten games that work perfectly with a usb or bluetooth controller. These games are awesome and fun, while also having sick graphics. Games in …

20 Responses to “Android Games compatible with PS3/BT Controller”

  • JDMxxTECHBOii says:

    Very nice video , liked and subbed keep em coming :)

  • Jesus Villena says:

    Thanks a lot :) and like i said any recommendations or anything just tell

  • Niklas Börjesson says:

    can u play with more then one ps3? mario kart 64 multiplayer would have
    been so awesome! please find out! =)

  • Jesus Villena says:

    1) It is possible to play with two controllers, this is possible by
    connecting both BT controllers wirelessly, having two controllers plug into
    a two to one usb adapter and having the adapter connected to the tablet, or
    connecting one with a wire and one through bluetooth 2) they only games
    that could do this are the emulators such as n64oid, fpse, snes, etc. this
    included Mario Kart. So yes it is possible…thanks for watching and
    commenting… and please subscribe :)

  • Gustin says:

    I have yet to try this since I don’t have a Ps3 controller yet, but how is
    the process for installing the controller into the tablet? Is it just as
    simple as plugging it in and you’re good to go? Or are there other
    additional things we’d need to download? Or..

  • Gustin says:

    lol at the accidental TV touching.

  • coliton787 says:

    What about need for speed??? Thanks for the video…

  • Dwain Malberg says:

    Is there anything special that you have to do to get the controller
    working, I’m trying a usb controller and it’s not workking

  • darwyn palencia says:

    Great review i just bought the xperia z tablet n im ready to play games on

  • alfred garcia says:

    how do you connect the TV and the PS3 with USB at the same time?? My phone
    has only 1 micro USB slot which I use to connect my PS3 controller with a
    OTG cord.

  • Mohammed Waseem says:

    thanks I really wanted to use my controlle

  • OZkAr F3rNand3z says:

    Good video and demostration my friend a quick question how you connect your
    table to your tv,i got otg cable but what else i need please help thanks

  • matthew baskerville says:

    +OZkAr FerNandEz you need a newer TV that takes HDMI and a HDMI cable you
    could to a computer store or amazon or somewhere else

  • ashok dodmani says:

    how to connect FIFA 14 game to a game pad from android device

  • XxDomnoxX SkuLli3sz says:

    Can u make more videos about compatible android:) thank you

  • King Jay says:

    Doesent cordy remind you a little bit of little big planet

  • Zach Wooten says:

    Running fred doesn’t work with the remote for me

  • Lauri Niemi says:

    How can i connect my phone to TV. I have usb connected my phone to ps3
    contoller with otg cable and its working.

  • Daiki Fajardo says:

    is ur tablet rooted?? ASAP

  • Thomas Ford says:

    What’s with calling everything ‘childish’ how absurdly judgmental.

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