Asus Zenfone Gaming Review, the Zenfone 4 is a budget oriented android phone running on a intel atom dual-core 1.2 Ghz processor and I do the gaming review with this android smartphone and…

25 Responses to “Asus Zenfone 4 Gaming Review best Gaming Experience on a Budget Android Phone”

  • Geekyranjit says:
  • Debapriyo Sengupta says:

    Sir I’m Little Bit Confused.
    Is This Phone Better Than Moto E?
    Is This Phone Get Android L?

  • Sanket Patil says:

    batery perfomance ?

  • Shaunak Guharay says:

    +Ranjit Kumar Can you cover the front camera quality in some other part
    please ?

  • IMSuMaNTH says:

    Even on my asus fonepad 7 (me372cg) subway surfers lags like crazy,, but
    other games work fine sir…!

  • Ranjit Kumar says:

    Asus Zenfone 4 Gaming Review, The best gaming experience on a Budget
    Android Phone

  • Gaurav Savner says:

    Unbelievable performance !! Impressive. Good gaming review as always…

  • Rahul krishnan says:

    would you recommend it over moto-e ?

  • Gurpreet Singh says:

    Asus Zenfone 4 Gaming Review, The best gaming experience on a Budget
    Android Phone

  • srikanta bhattacharya says:

    brilliant gaming performance. it hard to believe that a 6000 rs. budget
    android phone can handle Asphalt8, MC4 without any issue. well done asus. 

  • Sugata Kundu says:

    Please review the zenphone 5. I desperately wanna see how hyperthreading is
    performing with 1.6Ghz.

  • nikhil ranjit says:

    Pls..dont play use asphalt 8 for gaming …use real racing 3 as its better
    …use RR3…

  • Shreyans jain says:

    Awesome!!!!! phone by asus… i think asus will give tough competetion to
    motorola too.. +Ranjit Kumar pls do moto e v/s asus zenphone 4

  • Bala says:

    Hi Mr.Ranjit,
    Can you please do a unboxing of Asus zenphone 5 and compare it between
    Motorola moto g. 

  • Karansher Randhawa says:

    Hey Ranjit here is an advice,
    according to my point of view your videos look a bit dull
    the only problem is that you don’t use absolutely any music,
    and you should do your videos in daylight with some sunshine pouring in.
    I took some time to figure it out because the other day i saw a comment
    which said you don’t use a good camera.
    I noticed this on MKBHD videos and Austin’s.
    Also you should go out and put some short videos of the phone into the
    original video while you speak [from pocketnow].
    I really want your channel to become famous because like pocketnow you
    don’t run after the same phone like they do with htc One.
    Your reviews are the most honest and you cover anything required from an
    Indian user’s perspective.
    I know that editing videos takes a lot of time, but YouTube is like your
    workplace and so hard work will pay off.


  • ashiq mirza says:

    Unbox asus zenphone 5.
    Best under 10000 price range. .

  • Deepayan Bandyopadhyay says:

    Don’t shell out all your hard earned money on shitty laggy overpriced
    phones. Instead, go for these devices. A BIG THUMBS UP to Asus Zenfone 4.
    Tremendously impressed!

  • MA Muqtadir says:

    hi ranjit please do a camera review of asus zenfone 4

  • Ravi Kumar says:

    sir i want to buy asus zenfone u suggested i want areview of camera
    and gaming review and can it be upgraded to kitkat version

  • Suhas Pai says:

    hi, games can installed on external storage on not

  • lawry010 says:


  • Akash Verma says:

    its intel….

  • Faiz Sid says:

    Is it rooted or not ?

  • Mandeep Singh says:

    ASUS zen phone 4 vs moto e vs htc desire 210 i think all these have their
    signature like htc’s blink feed , moto e’s front speakers and asus’s has
    very smooth OS !!! What will be your choice ranjit sir ?

  • Tech Guy Samit says:

    Wow an entry level INTEL processor can perform way better than many other
    processor of same level i wonder what INTEL will make in future……

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