Watch this video to see the Best Free iPhone 5S Apps. All of these apps have earned their way onto the Top Free iPhone Apps List. AppStore Links: http://bit….

25 Responses to “Best Free Apps for the iPhone 5S”

  • Michael De Santa says:

    Woooow you have an iPhone 5s really cool…. 

  • marcus ralph says:

    Ever since I toke over my mothers friends contract I HATE the iphone. I
    ended up giving it back to her in the first week!! It toke me 1 day to get
    used to it and was bored with it… They nothing but a cheap, boring, basic
    phone thats made by budget firm in China and apple has slapped there price
    tag on it, I gues its apple’s way of scamming there customers

  • pekraab says:

    I don’t even have a i phone :( 

  • Callowm says:

    whats that flashing light on your iphone?

  • Moises Cutti says:

    How did you turn on that flashing light on ur iphone please tell me

  • James Lappin says:

    im just here to look at the excuses ifan boys with they’re iphones have for
    iphones being better than any android device out there. i saw some guy
    talking about having a metal back makes it a premium device and then some
    other guy said yeah its a very good heat conductor too, so the other guy
    said so planes and cars should be made out of plastic? boy you iphone users
    really are stupid. Unfortunetly for me my LG G2 (which is a kick ass phone
    btw) was broken when it flew out my pocket whilst riding my bmx and i
    landed hard on it lmfao, so im stuck with this shitty iphone 4 whilst mine
    is repaired, came to see what apps i should get. These are apps that
    basicly everyone has btw… hey everyone GO CHECKOUT ANDROID AUTHORITY 

  • Bornfamoose says:

    Lol EASY way to get free apps/giftcards use this
    method on your iphone or android , download apps and earn points! Got 4000
    coins in ONE day rooting for a 10 dollar psn code its only 6000 points TRY
    IT !¡

  • Brandon Palmer says:

    Dude you got to check your mailbox

  • Dogshorsesandhamsters says:

    Your intro is awesome

  • DRUNK14MONKEY says:

    ReAlly good video I got most of the apps.

  • Sunny Tarvins says:

    im getting the iphone 5s which color should i get black or silver ? ( i
    dont like gold please don’t suggest that

  • bruno joaquim says:

    the iphone 5s

  • chea resan says:

    What the different between 5 & 5s

  • MatthewJohnReynolds says:

    quick tip for the sports category ultimate rugby is and amazing app for
    people to follow their rugby teams/league/player

  • Cesar Guerrero says:

    Help me get more points for my ITunes gift card. Go to on your
    iPhone/iPod Safari, input my code d2504960.

  • Mark Chicano says:

    All bulllshit apps

  • Jaydeep Busa says:

    how to get rear blink light like your cell….@appfind

  • Blankets 2nd channel says:

    How do u do that red blinking light

  • Line carignan says:

    Hi when I try to down load a free application a pup up asking for my apple
    ID for iTunes appears. then i come to the payment area. Why isn’t it free.

  • Bradsworld1 says:

    Lol…. One of the first iPhone 4s’s Speedtest-
    Ping- 98ms
    Download- 3.20Mbps
    Upload- .31Mbps

    So I guess you could say they did an ok job on the upgrade xD

  • Kthrakyaska says:

    u have tiny hands :D 

  • ayosparksxD says:

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  • Ismail BeatBoxer says:

    You deserve a subscribe , Thanks a lot homey :) 

  • Hrishit Origami says:

    It is also for i pad

  • pilar gil says:

    Whats that red flashing light at the top of the iphone ?

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