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25 Responses to “Best New Free Android Games of the Week #41”

  • Fadhil Adnin says:

    Nuu crisis core made me cri ;-;

  • Markuss Marsans says:

    So what you’re trying to say is.. There are no good games left -.-

  • Ryan Baring says:

    Any info’s when is Dungeon Hunter 5 will release?

  • Blue McWattz says:

    man i wanna play a new Action RPG on on my Smartphone besides Kritika :(
    can you label the games that you show with “Tablet/Smartphone,Tablet only”
    on the next videos?

  • ♪мąĿıŋŦǿοŦѕ♪ says:

    Don’t you just love it when you see a good game then when you go to the app
    store it says that it’s not compatible with your device?


  • Quhzey says:

    Holy fuck, I only subscribed like 4 hours ago, and already a video. Nice!

  • Sylwester Wieczorek says:

    Nice sense of humor xD

  • Kostas Mitsis says:

    Do you know if hearthstone will be coming to android smarthohones anytime

  • LazyWednesday says:

    Nice videos dude. I was just wondering do you also include these cool
    japanese games in videos later on when the english version comes out?
    There’re so many awesome games but they’re not in english language. So
    please whenever an english version of a japanese game is released please
    include it atleast in the end of a video. And thank you very much for these
    vids. Very entertaining and informative. :D 

  • Mark Alvior says:

    Hi @androidnub. I’m a big fan of your channel. Can I suggest something? It
    would be really a big help for me if in every game you featured was stated
    if it was online or offline. Thanks. Great channel! Hope it would help
    other subscribers as well

  • Sky Yuki says:

    Soul seeker not available for Asia? 

  • Bojidar Martinov says:

    Is soul seeker better game than phantom breaker? I’m asking cuz soul seeker
    isn’t available yet in my country. 

  • Dutch Oven says:

    Does anyone know any good mobas besides hoc, or mmorpg which isn’t a legend
    or avabel?

  • hexynos says:

    Jajajaja Horse and Metal = Car WTF? And then a snowflake is more Powerfull

  • Murlokck says:

    How does he find the most recent games? Can someone lead me so i could
    check for myself? I’ve been using him for quite a while but i feel like
    there’s one or two games that he didn’t include or sht and mbe i
    like…anyway…where can i find the top-recent game list or smth?

  • Huongxeng Chang says:

    And yet again, I want to download these Japanese games, but I don’t
    understand them :/ LOL

  • CHRISSY V says:

    I HAD to subscribe after watching your awesome vids, my goodness you are
    one excellent reviewer!!!! Very thorough, informative and funny to boot..
    Hands down the best review videos I have came across! Oh and also thank you
    for taking the time to link all of the information and even including the
    time links so that we can reference back to which game is which, amazing
    job! Well that is all for now, I just felt like you deserved a proper thank
    you! ^_^ Have a great day and game on! 

  • Liang Huang says:

    You should review Albion online the game is in beta/alpha but you can get
    early access here

  • GetInspiredWithArt says:

    I want to play Castaway paradise!!! Stupid google play. :( haha I
    accidently type castaway island in the google search.

  • Michell Zabala says:

    Please give me the download link of Phanthom of the kill i search it in the
    Quooapp and it said your search is not available.

  • Uzumaki Nagato says:

    Why can’t the game devleopers make a 3D mmorpg like iruna online? Most i
    know of are only dungeon crawlers or 2D. I want one like iruna where you
    have an amazing story line, you farm for your stuff, and where you can
    control where you’re looking at. The closest one thats like iruna is avabel
    but it doesn’t really have a story line. You just grind all day and level
    up. Now im just waiting for toram online to come out :D


  • sasawedx says:

    lmao at that car (HALLELUIAH)

  • Pablo Mañas says:

    About Infinite Myths.
    AndroidNub, why aren’t you talking about this game!?
    Yes, we all know it’s the chinesse or whatever “poor copy” of Hearthstone
    (only graphically, the gameplay and mechanics are way WAY less ellaborated).
    But if you are not blinded by the “Hearthstone bad copy” concept you will
    find that this game is in fact GOOD, it is way WAY better than games like
    all that shity “collect cards, select wich ones you want in your deck then
    watch that cards play automatically without any intervention” like
    Elementals Kingdoms, Deck Heroes, Fantasy Warlord, Lies of Astaroth, etc…
    Give it a try ;)

    PD: You are the best android games reviewer, following you for a year, keep
    the good work!! :D 

  • AndroidNub says:

    It was a slow month but January made a comeback this final week. Some good
    games. Soul Seeker comes out on January 29 (tomorrow) and it will explode
    on google play… Last chance to pre-register. Enjoy the video. #dajukes
    *Update*: Unfortunately, Com2uS has delayed the Soul Seeker launch to
    February 5, 2015. You can still pre-register for a 4 star hero.

  • Yukio Lost x.x says:

    It says not available in your country for soul seeker….why ?!?!

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