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25 Responses to “Best New Free Android Games of the Week #43”

  • AndroidNub says:

    Hey guys. Sorry for the late video. Had to wait 2 weeks just to get enough
    games. Having said that, this might be my last Games of the Week video
    since they take way too much time to make and it’s really not worth it..
    Eventually, I will start making live commentary first looks which will
    allow me to make more videos each week but they will be more boring to
    watch, but I can’t start that for while. I might end up making one more
    Games of the Week and see what happens.

  • Katsuragi Shou says:

    Nice list as always

  • TheSpore35 says:

    I hear the Siv Hd song by Archie ;) 

  • AcerSense says:

    How da heck do you get Need for Speed: No Limits? It didn’t came out on
    Malaysia. D:

  • Fadhil Adnin says:

    Aww no mmorpgs who knows a good mmorpg for android? Or rpg in general reply
    pls! Im playing toram online only. And iruna idk other good ones.

  • hexynos says:

    Excelent games, maybe you can add this game to the next video “FROZEN
    SINAPSE PRIME” a game from pc, Ps3 and PsVita now on Android.

  • Diego emmanuel says:

    Man,i am from Mexico and i love your videos!!
    Saludos ,WEY!!

  • Xiaoxoo Feon says:

    Damn the first one looks really good. Why shut it down? I hope they can
    open it again.

  • Erosennin Srnnin says:

    good video androidnub like it!!

  • BMac 5 says:

    Although there are dull games among the ones you review, I find your videos
    useful, funny and entertaining. I’ve been always awaiting your Android
    games of the week. Even if not games of the week, games of the month; but I
    say don’t quit making em.

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  • Marcelo Eduardo says:

    You don’t need cash for other fighters.

    You can randomly get one by buying the 2000 silver coins box, or after a
    title shot event (the special event on step 30 for example)

  • jolo polido says:

    301 viewer Club!

  • iiShiifts says:

    i cant find need for speed: no limits and that sonic game for some reason
    lol xD

  • Kyobe Kevin says:

    Continue making them even if they take long please….plus how about you do
    a weekly game review of rare games to try out other than just new games

  • nikosomegas says:

    heroes and knights didnt shut down mate … here is the link

  • alupihan says:

    Assault on America seems very interesting. A decent RTS on mobile?! Hells
    yeah! MURRICA!

  • Zakaria ELOuellad says:

    Thanks AndroidNub That’s really help (y) 

  • Arthur Bruce Crawford says:

    It really is sad to see you go. Having said that I totally get it when you
    say it is not worth the effort. Some big fish in the business like IGN
    should hire you, simply because you’re the best at it and you definitely
    give them a run for their money. It’s tough working the way you do without
    any kind of economical retribution to help you back. I said it before, your
    work is the best of its kind. Big cyber hug and best wishes in your future
    endeavours. Thank you for all of your time and effort and all the

  • Daniel Easyrhino says:


  • dmcintosh85 says:

    That’s captain falcon’s scream at 3.36 

  • Marco Viriel says:

    i cant find heroes and knights? Why?

  • God of Conquest says:

    Where can I download Sonic Runners?

  • MeowMango says:

    U’re da best, keep calm & upload more Best New Free Android Games of the

  • Ricardo Silva Duran says:

    Hi, ty for you great job, i want ask you if u know a cheat for this game
    kritika chaos unleashed.

  • David Toby says:

    Bring in some Offline games can’t stand *games anymore 

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