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25 Responses to “Download Music FREE From iTunes App (iOS 7 TOP Cydia/Jailbreak Tweak) – LinkTunes (Free Songs)”

  • eddisern0099 says:

    I left a comment in the last vid too, but I guess you didn’t see it.

    I know you are a fan of Monstercat, so maybe you could change the boring
    Android Porn intro that everyone have anyway with e.g. Throttle – Boombox,
    Ephixa – Ideekay, Au5 & Fractal – Blue or Aero Chord – Surface? :D

    It would have been really cool if you changed intro to some of those (or
    another MC song) because that intro is overused (and in low quality too) :p

    Great vid though, as always.

  • hiphopgamer92 says:

    Man really the best cydia source i get is only from you.thank you so much
    man.Love u so much bro!!

  • Chahuites1972 says:

    Can u download movies ATS

  • abiutech says:

    I love App Shape (and your review of it) and now this! Thank you! :) 

  • Neo Hon Xien says:

    This is awesome 

  • Archit Lal says:

    Great video btw, I’ve already downloaded about 20 songs :) 

  • DasherGames says:

    Is this illegal? It seems illegal

  • AppleTechSpot says:

    *IMPORTANT* I have just posted a *FAQ section in the more info*. So check
    there, and your question may just be answered. I can’t reply to every
    comment (although, I definitely would if I could), so I thought this would
    be a good way to help answer many of your guy’s questions

    *Enjoy the tweak* – ATS

  • CaraPork says:

    Is there a tweak for downloading free apps? :) 

  • Dr. Pencil says:

    when i choose a song it says “content”.”download” on a white screen and i
    can’t download any songs 

  • AppleTechSpot says:

    *UPDATE* Hey guys, just a quick update. The *server* which LinkTunes is
    running off of looks to be *busy*, (because of a large influx of new users
    –> downloads). So if you get a weird error, just close out of the iTunes
    app completely, and try again (took me about 3 attempts to get it to work

    *Enjoy the tweak*!

  • Saman Ahmed says:

    Hay AppleTechSpot, Please answer this very important question. yestrday
    when i was using it i downloaded many songs and had a great time. Few hours
    ago when i try to download the music it keeps saying and I quote ” {

  • Danny Moreno says:

    I downloaded link store and every thing but I still don’t have it on iTunes

  • DOMiNANTvSPECiES says:


  • jenny sung says:

    someone please answer! IS THIS LEGAL? 

  • Ty J says:

    Will the songs go into itunes so i can re sync the, to a non jailbroken

  • StealthyDoesGames says:

    Help me Pls Whenever I search music it always says no results :( 

  • LeoBoyer says:

    Is this actually legal? Because I tried it once, it’s really cool. But I
    don’t want to keep doing it if I’m gonna get fined or some shit. 

  • sudhanshu pathare says:

    It dosent work

  • The99210 says:

    When will it be able to support ios 8.1

  • dominik gunar says:

    I am on IOS 8, I have installed linktunes, however it doesn’t work, what
    should I do? How are my meant to download music now?

    Someone help please?

  • Julien Swenson says:

    iOS 8?

  • Yoni Edelstein says:

    Does it work on ios 8.1? (jailbroken)

  • Tayjay Rawrmones says:

    Does this work for ios 6 ? 

  • AppleTechSpot says:

    *LINKTUNES FOR iOS 8* – iOS 8 – 8.1: Get Music FREE From iTunes Store App
    (LinkTunes) – ANY Jailbroken iPhone, iPad, iPod

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