This video is showing you how to get actual GOOD books for you iOS device, kindle or what ever ebook reader you may have. I hope you guys enjoy! Second Chann…

25 Responses to “Free BEST SELLER eBooks and Magazines (for iPad / Kindle / iPhone / iPod Touch / Etc.)”

  • Hex Devourer says:

    ty =o reading might be more fun now

  • NickNackNation says:

    ive been doing this for a while its really usefull and its good your
    letting more people know about this.

  • BLP says:

    @NickNackNation :)

  • BLP says:

    @lrmlrm97 I got them for thepiratebay (dot) org and Thanks and yeah :/ lol
    srry hahah

  • Lucas McClanahan says:

    @BrentLarryproduction Do you remember the name of it?

  • ShannonWheeler6 says:

    Hi ! I have downloaded calibre and when I attempt to drag over books from
    ebook3000 I am getting an error message “failed to read metadata” What am I
    doing wrong ? There are files with PDF and EPUB – I am even having issues
    attempting to copy both types

  • 0oEMIN3Mo0 says:


  • josejared says:

    Never underestimate the worth of old books

  • KennyLovesVBA says:

    It depends on how picky you are about the resolution or dpi of your images.
    If you are not as picky about your image resolution, you can use an image
    editing software to enlarge the images, but reduce the dpi to about 78, and
    you can reduce your pixels as low as 600 X 800, but force the width in
    inches to 5.0; your height will automatically adjust to proportion size.
    You should have images that will completely fill your e-Book reader screen
    for kindle.

  • prettyenpunk says:

    what program do you use to manage your ebooks? i use adobe digital
    editions. maybe try that? hope that helps!

  • RMCKIE says:


  • Antonio Mireles says:

    do you remember what you typed?

  • Eiman Salah says:

    i thought you said i need to poo LOL

  • Nataraj Sasid says:

    we can help you to convert ordinary pdf into interactive ebooks

  • Brandon J Fredson says:

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  • Heidi Melissa says:

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  • moli aikido says:

    Let’s try Guys ^^ Android Hottest Epub Reader Free

  • MrSammwell says:

    how come it doesnt show up in the ibooks app or newsstand?

  • Ruchera Peries says:

    Hi I want to get a Kindle. and my budget is not that big. i am a reader and
    i just want to have a book wherever i go and some books are just too big ;-) can you suggest the best Kindle and the cheapest too that i should go
    for. i would probably order on e bay or Amazon. if you know any other
    better sites also do let me know. i would love to download as many free
    books too.. prefer to have all apps possible as i use a blackberry and have
    no apps at all. hope you can help.

  • papaapple93 says:

    Didn’t you mean: “Page 60 in the physical book may not be page 60 in the
    Kindle version?”

  • Oscar Reyes says:

    I love the curious incident of the dog in the night time

  • MrPooperScoopers61 says:

    when u download it it doesnt work

  • emptyemptychannel says:

    see my new ebook :)

  • Rosh Uytiepo says:

    Thank you!!! It did work! Calibre works amazing too!! :D 

  • ieunatelove says:

    it doesn’t work on both ebook or magazine, when i click on download, it
    asked me to sign up.

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