Hey YouTube! Today I will be showing you how to get FREE 3G internet on your android phone and tablets totally for free. Your Freedom Link: https://play.goog…

25 Responses to “FREE UNLIMITED 3G internet on any Android Phones and Tablets for Free January 2015”

  • Pro SmartTECH says:

    +mahesh dhavan the sim card actually does not matter at all. As long you
    have an android platform you will be able to use this app perfectly.

  • Joshua Ho Hinn says:

    Thanks man!

  • Dawson 3427 says:

    Thanks so much man now I have free 3G great channel too I hope alot of
    people see this video and say
    “Thank you this helped a lot” not “It worked the dislike button worked!” I
    hope your channel works out Dawson.

  • InterCity24 says:

    Managed to gt this working, But the connection is really slow, Do you know
    how i can speed it up ?

  • Mongos imanmarsch says:

    OmG Thank you soooo much!

  • Sayyed Ahmed says:

    Does this method work in the UK.

  • Monica Pixley says:

    OMG Thank you very much for sharing this, I follow your instructions in
    the video and it works!!! you are wonderful!!!

  • Conner Ellis says:

    Thanks, this really works :D 

  • Nilosan Santhakumaran says:

    it works but it is really slow
    do you know a way to speed it up

  • Jamoi Henley says:

    I got to hand it to u man this thing really works for me…. big up.

  • Murad Tagizade says:

    Yeah) it really works)) but I have a question: can I use hotspot with this
    program without any payment for mobile data??) Thanks for your attention
    and great video)

  • Blake Zamora says:

    It works but its just slow . Please make it more faster

  • Sibi Raj says:

    wow :) its working fine for me, its slow but we can use for what’s

  • Kennedy Cobb says:

    Does my device have to be rooted? And who cares if it’s slow? If it works
    and it’s free,BE HAPPY!

  • shitandsleep says:

    my friend, im from greece, there is a reason why its not working ?

  • Terrell Allen says:

    Amazing , Dude! It’s slow but it works fast for what’s app and messenger

  • hassen merzoug says:

    Thanks worked for me . but the problem i cant connecte as i like because
    after 1 hour or 2 hours disconnected
    solution please !! ? 

  • Hasni le gout says:

    It works but too slow Thanks any way

  • Luda Uranova says:

    like it,work good!

  • Alvi Abrar says:

    ThanX Alot!!! But It’s a little Slowww… :( Pls try to speed uppp. Google
    Play Doesn’t Work…

  • daniel andrew helyer says:

    I have a problem , I have an s5 and I have tried it but it doesn’t work and
    it just disconnects the second that the phone doesn’t use wifi.my phone is
    also unlocked .what am I doing wrong?

  • ammar alia says:

    i love u maaaaaaaaan this method really works it is awesome thanx

  • karthick subash says:

    thank you your amazing thanks a lot 

  • kyle sutton says:

    Precaite it i got 4G now

  • Abdirahman Bossman says:

    Does it work for HTC Desire C?

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