The App is available in Cydia, it’s called “MewSeek” The source you have to add is

12 Responses to “Free unlimited Music downloads iPhone & iPod touch”

  • IHavAwesumDownloads says:

    Why the heck is the album called “THE LEAKERS”!?

  • TheApptracker says:

    @IHavAwesumDownloads The uploader probably tagged it as that, you can edit
    the tags in MewSeek before exporting it to your ipod, or you can edit it in
    your iPod

  • Luix007 says:

    Add to Ipod doesn’t work on Verizon Iphone :S

  • RichieRedondo13 says:

    It stopped working for me. Help?

  • TheApptracker says:

    @RichieRedondo13 what has stopped working?

  • RichieRedondo13 says:

    Mewseek. Installous and stuff still works but mewseek doesn’t.

  • TheApptracker says:

    @RichieRedondo13 in what way does it not work, does the app still open?

  • kevcarspray says:

    @RichieRedondo13 If you dowload it from the original source it has a cap on
    it, 5 songs or something i think. There are free hacked versions though ;)

  • pguest123 says:

    I’ve done everything on the video and fount it very helpful but when I
    click add to iPod it doesn’t appear in my iPod

  • TheApptracker says:

    @pguest123 are you using a Verizon iPhone? are the tags missing? does it
    show the green tick, claiming to have exported it to your iPod?

  • Michael Majano says:

    So you only have 10 tries to use it, so if u put 100 songs on 1 try will it
    work with that much songs in one try???

  • Pokedude1446 says:

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