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25 Responses to “How to Download Movies, TV Shows & Songs on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & IOS 8 Without A Jailbreak”

  • TheZane03 says:

    That’s bull I can’t a walk among the tombstones 

  • AznSmoothie says:

    Will you upload a tutorial whenever you find a way to transfer the movies
    from moviebox to mac/pc??? without jailbreak? or is that really impossible?

  • Ross Arco says:

    how did you download the bing app para ma translate mo ung page?

  • Shawn Mills says:

    I did the movie and Music Box!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am having trouble
    with the iemulators! My phone wont even run it! It pops it up! And said
    some stuff about Youtube! So then I Clicked continue! And then it did it
    again! I clicked continue! And it only loads the web sight have way!! What
    could be the option here??? I want to look into what else they have for
    apps! Let me know what you think! Oh and also I did the iEmulators with
    date still set to a month back!!! 

  • aeroview213 says:

    Why can’t I dload the movie “Lucy?” I followed the instructions when I
    clicked on “why?” I did the whole justfreevpn thing and I still don’t have
    the option to watch the movie or dload it. Same thing goes with the movie
    “A walk among the tombstones.” Your help is appreciated.

  • Alejandro Olivarez says:

    Will this work with iOS 8.0.2? Because I’m trying to download it but it
    won’t complete the download, please help

  • phillip renicker says:

    Caught downloading these movies I got a letter in the mail a few years ago
    telling me to erase the movie I downloaded and if I do it again they will
    sue me 

  • Brian Hunt says:

    What kinda screen protector this that?

  • Sammi Naji says:

    Music box opens up to a blue screen than says it’s loading. Help anyone????

  • ole per arne says:

    will this fuck up my iphone?

  • Jean pierre ranara says:

    thanks for sharing this video Tol… i got iphone6 plus aswel..

  • Bini Birocha says:

    is that the iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus?

  • Jos0109 says:

    Whats your wallpaper? I really want it! :D 

  • ju vg says:

    What is the app that translate the chines word plz answer 

  • Melissa Perez says:

    The app was working fine but suddenly it wouldn’t open and when i try to
    download it again it says unable to download at this time what can i do?

  • cesar gutierrez says:

    Will this work on ios 7.1.2 ?

  • Andy Dyck says:

    It worked on the older update but i updated it to 8.1.1 and now it wont
    open and i already tried redownloading it but still doesnt work

  • Amid Merchant says:

    The app didn’t work after 1 week

  • XGeN says:

    it told me “music box cant be installed at this time” what do i do?

  • Bennett M says:

    my iPhone 6 wont download it it says unable to download app, it could not
    be installed at this time. I think its with ios 8.1.1 because it wont let
    me download any apps from safari. Any fixes? thanks

  • toooangelic4you says:

    Mine keep coming up on all four… “Unable to Download App, “Movie Box”
    could not be downloaded at this time” and the other names..
    What do I do..
    Iphone 6 plus, Sprint. Was on and off wifi, restarted my phone.

  • Simon Torell says:

    what case is that?

  • Dre Day says:

    Change the date back to what

  • Michael Chua says:

    A big thumbs up for this video! Literally the best app ever on my ipad

  • Christy Christyhs says:

    I was so HAPPY when this “Was” working for about 3 days and now it will not
    load. I tried to reinstall but keep getting the same message “Unable to
    download app, could not be installed at this time”…same message over and
    over again? Any fix?

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