Hey guys :) Here’s a short STEPbySTEP: 1. Install PPSSPP Emulator on your Android from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/de… 2. Download “Cube…

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  • AnoVi VaReL says:

    Duy Võ, of course i can help…What’s the problem?

  • Jaspreet Singh says:


  • Josiah Wynn says:

    Liked and subscribed

  • Ethan Mills says:

    I did all the steps and moved the Iso to the PSP/game file and the game
    wont show up, what do I do?

  • Josiah Wynn says:

    Thx dude ur vids are awesome

  • Alison Jeff says:

    how to you get the cube test into the ppsspp app mine doesnt have it

  • Arben Goorm says:

    Wow your the best man if I can I would give 100000 like and subscribe

  • Adan Vasquez says:

    Can you help me i tried to get disgaea afternoon of darkness and I
    extracted it and can’t find the .iso file and there is no .rar for me to
    extract so what do i do I would really appreciate your help I have been
    trying to get this game for a week now.

  • chase carter says:

    Thnx man it really works for that u earned a like and a subscriber

  • Midnight Crysis says:

    Playing these PSP games on a touchscreen is passable at best. But its still
    pretty cool though…

  • Mohammed Hamdan says:

    Thanks man you helped me I subscribed

  • - Megalodon - says:

    I have a problem…Tekken 6 wont launch all I get is a blackscreen.I erased
    anything that has anything to do with tekken 6 even cheat codes twice
    already :( Did anyone else have this problem yet?i’d appreciate quick help
    really much. 

  • David Hong says:

    Thank you so much I would like to sub and like

  • BlueDroid says:

    When I came too that site it says my phone was infected by virus wtf!!!!

  • Nichola Tareyama says:

    hey men.. tnx.. very tnx.. ur vid=1subscriber..

  • Nathaniel Cortesticles says:

    Well what happened to me is the same that that happened in the video. I
    extracted the file and then couldn’t find the iso or cso file in the
    folder. I decide to extract the next .rar file but towards fully extracted
    this file it says “Extracted with some errors”. I recheck the folder thats
    suppose to hold the cso or iso file and then there is no change from before
    i extracted it. I used the same website as you did, I also used Zarchiver
    and I don’t see a problem that I could’ve missed. I followed this video
    step by step

  • Midnight Crysis says:

    Its also a challenge to actually get some games to run optimally even on
    high end devices (I use a GS4). Its frustrating.

  • Muscledriver 7 says:

    Hi, I like the tutorial thank you so much but…what if the game doesn’t
    have “.rar” or “.iso” after being extracted?

  • Ang Rui Min says:

    I followed all your steps but u downloaded harvest moon boy and girl, last
    time I could download it using coolrom but it has been removed by the
    stupid Nintendo of America inc, I tried emuparadise n it took an hour to
    download harvest moon, I tried to extract it and it worked but still It
    says its rar, any suggestions to help me download harvest moon boy and girl
    I really missed it, my phone is Sony xperia android

  • Avery McCargo says:

    Thank you so much it works!

  • Ian Carlo Napone says:

    it doesnt work on mine :C ….i downloaded the cube elf then i go to ppsspp
    there was nothing on downloads….:/

  • i am gary says:

    Anyone else have this problem where if you get to Much games my file
    manager doesn’t work. Anyone know how to fix it

  • Avery McCargo says:

    +AnoVi VaReL can you plz make a video on how to screen record on a android
    without root?

  • Ben Sweet says:

    Bro can I ask u question something can you make it video about the PSP
    resident evil 4 I really need help can you help me please I like your
    videos ?

  • nick blake says:

    When I try to open the cube it’s says can’t open file?

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