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25 Responses to “How to free up memory on your android device for free! no computer needed!”

  • jersey lizzy says:

    Not working for me either

  • I hate google says:

    I feel cheated, storage is very cheep this days and considering the prices
    for mobile devices … there should be a lot more storage or at the very
    least the amount specified on the package …

  • big murda says:

    Youre talking and telling people to stop downloading apps but your whole
    video is based on downloading 2 apps. Get the fuck outta here. Snake oil

  • speedy1lmt says:

    i have samsung galaxy trend gt-s7560. i can’t move to sd-card with Apps2sd.
    it’s said this phone not support sending apps to sd card!!! what i need to
    do? SORRY! for my bad english.


  • diego chavez says:

    How do u root a phone i have a. Metro pcs android and i want to donwload
    moder combat 4 but the phone storage has 820mb available and my sd card has
    4gb i need help

  • Pamela D says:

    Not really helping. Can’t download even a cache cleaner never mind anything
    else. You talk fast and its hard to follow but thanks anyway

  • Pamela D says:

    Not really helping. Can’t download even a cache cleaner never mind anything
    else. You talk fast and its hard to follow but thanks anyway

  • Gary Sanson says:

    According to information I have received the transfer of apps to a SD card
    has now been blocked and now must stay on the device.
    Only games, music, images and videos can go to SD card

  • Avatarblackwolf says:

    I can already move apps to my SD card without root

  • Raven Potterskin says:

    App 2 SD deleted my apps widget…

  • sam mirkarimi says:

    Thank you so much
    You helped me a lot

  • jakulino magsalsal says:

    thanks dude

  • Daichi Hayashi says:

    It is rooted needed?

  • Graciela Sambrano says:

    How did you root your phone please tell me how I will make all my friends
    to like and subcribe your channel!!!

  • daniel cioclu says:

    it’s really working thanks very much,,:D

  • Ahmed yahhoo says:

    nice video but music too loud 

  • YasuoLast Breath says:

    Is this safe?

  • DreamANightmare says:

    The HTC Ui is so viciously ugly.

  • Vladislav Tanev says:

    this is alot of stuff u must , basicly you can clear your phone storage
    memory without any losts when you = Setings – Storage – Phone storage and
    tab at Erase Phone Storage – its says that will delete all data such a
    music and pics , but actualy this deletes only the backups of that stuffs ,
    everythink will keep working like before you delete this Phone Storage !
    Ive done that and nothink bad happend. Even the phone start to think faster

  • Jayden Lang says:

    Just go to settings that’s were you could do it without downloading two

  • Amna Choudery says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have enough memory to download ant of the

  • John Johnson says:

    Please help me!!! I have an Android 4.4.2 device (ZTE Kis3) and in my apps
    manager there’s not any button like ‘move to sd’ or ‘move to external
    storage’ so when I have installes 2-3 apps together it says ‘Memory space
    is running out’

  • Mirza Talha says:

    Usefull… thanx

  • nLzWALK says:

    Please say more Basically. i Love that!

  • sami aklilu says:

    no need to install app to move app to sd card, seetings>apps>[app you want
    to move]>move to sd card.. also no need to install any app to clean app
    cache, settings>storage>catched data>clear ok .. that’s it!!

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