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25 Responses to “How To Get Paid Apps For Free Without Jailbreak on iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch on iOS6 and iOS7”

  • Techricity says:

    Cant figure out how to reply to old comments with this new commenting

  • Techricity says:

    People Please understand when i say ” pay for it anyway ” in the end of the
    video, i said that because i dont support piracy. The method mentioned in
    the video is completely legit, and thousands of people have used it and
    commented on this video. Its absolutely free, so dont get misleaded by

  • Techricity says:

    Description has been updated for mac users who couldnt find the fix crash.
    Windows users ignore this comment :) happy new year folks.

  • Nathaniel Flores says:

    It’s japanese

  • zane mcminn says:

    how much is a rupee? or is it like legend of zelda?

  • Lachlan Cooke says:

    Does this work for anyone? I’m worried about my details or getting banned

  • TheBossMan says:

    Please answer does this void your warranty?

  • Pokelover says:

    Does this work for in app purchases?

  • Amal Nassir says:

    Everything went well but in the end the app still asks me for an Apple ID
    and when I type mine nothing happens and it asks me again.. Help?

  • Faiz Frez says:

    What happen if u entered your apple id n password?

  • iMakeDatBedRock says:

    I think this messed up my iPod 5th Generation. I just wanted to download
    Tiny Wings, Survivalcraft, and few others. It seemed like a 24 hour trial
    and then it crashed when it started, except Tiny Wings. Then when I
    uninstalled the apps and the software itself, my iPod started acting up, It
    started disconnecting from wifi randomly, started turning off, and showed
    incorrect time. I took it to the Apple Store a few weeks later and it
    worked fine at their store. Then I took it home and it worked fine for
    about 2 weeks. Then it started acting up when I went to my cousin’s house
    and connected to a brand new wi-fi router. Does anyone know how to fix
    this? It’s getting real annoying.

  • ghassan zahabi says:

    It’s saying this app can’t be download at this time

  • ivanna tam says:

    It works but it keeps on asking for my apple ID btw the languege is chinese
    bec i am:)

  • Red ParadoX says:

    It tells me to put in my email and pass and when I do it just exits the app

  • Hailey Nicole says:

    When I click the link it just takes me to a white screen

  • ryan bollinger says:

    It’s not showing up 

  • Bradley Weetman says:

    + the website doesn’t open.

  • ironlock3000 says:

    I can’t install it

  • XxConsetLifexX says:

    If anyone is having problems with this just goto the website but take out
    the iphone.html in the url
    that should help

  • chris lows says:

    There’s a free app you can download called Feature Points, you can get free
    apps from there along with other prizes to as you get point just for
    downloading free apps you don’t even have to keep. My referral code when
    you begin using it is A56558. This isn’t a joke, I’m doing it myself. 

  • Nenad Zdravkovic says:

    Is this safe to use will it damage my device and will it also steal info?

  • Light Ning says:

    Thx bro

  • Ameer Sbeih says:

    It keeps saying I have to retry on installing it plz help

  • NumLockGames ★ Gaming commentary says:
    Check this out!

  • Connor Maguire says:

    What is the song in the intro thx

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