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25 Responses to “How to Hack ANDROID GAMES and get FREE IN APP PURCHASES!!(FREE CANDY CRUSH BOOSTERS!!) (root needed)”

  • Yacine Zidane says:

    Dam’n I have to try this out! This is hot! I have a question though, does
    this work on online games like Shadow gun deadzone? 

  • HackDroid says:

    It should work on any game there is as long as the purchase is an in-app
    purchase. Works on any device for any game. If u have any issues with
    anything just email me at technical support email and ill be more than happy to assist in anyway that I

  • HackDroid says:

    Sorry I forgot that in the description.


    Touch /data/app/ vending-1.a pm

    Chattr +i /data/app/

  • HackDroid says:

    Ok the spaces came out wrong in that so ill put it in the description

  • HackDroid says:

    In the mean time till I’m at a computer to add that just check out the link
    above to the article on you can find everything u need there.

  • MsRarebreed xo says:

    I did it!! I’m jus nervous is it 100% free won’t come back to me. Cause I’m
    seeing other videos using something called Market Unlocker.

  • Aaron Whittaker says:

    Does it require root

  • Adhy Bae says:

    I use freedom and works fine and I didnt instal Terminal Emulator, but why
    you use that ? and for what ? I’ve purchased sticker on path it works too
    without terminal emulator, but on online games it doesnt work

  • Dante Medina says:

    I doesn’t work on MMOs like Avabel, Celtic Heroes.

  • Jón Ingi Börnsson says:

    mhm, almost works! comes up with payment successful but loads for ever when
    trying to get back in to the game ! (dragon slayer)

  • IMAN SCHAFIE says:

    Fucking great app but too easy using data/data at root explorer
    without bug .

  • Sherwin Sarmiento says:

    i tried this on Drag Racing, it worked but the amount is not showing up n
    when i go buy it again it say ive already purchased it

  • Sherwin Sarmiento says:

    also may i add that when i go buy sumthing it does not confirm my purchase
    like on 6:33 of this video?? any reason why??

  • Easy Peasy says:

    Hack driod how do I undo so it can install new version and le me use
    gmail.thank you


  • r banuseng says:


  • Noor Alqam says:

    It keeps saying contacting playstore and does nothing. Another issue is the
    google play is gone when i try reaching it from application manager/
    downloaded apps google services is there. Any suggestions 

  • jack wills says:

    thanks it worked 

  • Alex Shuprudko says:

    Does this work for clash if clans

  • juan carlos says:

    there is also an easy way of doing this just download freedom

  • Chris Vourvoulidis says:

    Uhhh you only need the latest version of freedom you dont need to do the
    whole terminal thing. Just root your device and install freedom correctly
    and it works the same…

  • Isaias Macias says:

    You do know you did not have to do all that if you were ganna use freedom

  • Raymundo Canales says:

    Candy crush does not piss me off anymore

  • Alexander Nordström says:
  • mike joe says:

    does this still work? i tried it and it says that i cant purchase because
    play store needs to update

  • Justin N says:

    thanks! although the terminal part didnt work for me, i didnt need it for
    the app i wanted free purchases in (tiny dice dungeon). although it didnt
    work on clash of clans :p but oh well, thanks again!

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