Hello Android gamers today we will be learning how to play PC games on Android with the App DosBox Turbo, the best and fastest Dos Emulator for Android. Time…

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  • Roland Deschain says:

    Attention Fallout 2 Fans!!

    I have figured out a work around for using Killaps Restoration Project 2.3
    with Dosbox Turbo, I’m still working on figuring out a solution for the
    QEMU version. This solution also fixes performance issues. Killaps is going
    to release a new build tomorrow RP2.3.1 so this might get fixed just in
    time for the new year.

    To get RP2.3 working you will need to install this older High Res Patch and
    replace the current files. This both fixes the scrolling problem and
    improves the performance in every mode, even Direct draw 7 which was
    previously unplayable. Regular non RP users will need to get this patch as
    well to fix performance issues introduced my Mash’s new High res patches,
    this works for both QEMU and DosBox Turbo. Note all users will want to
    redownload the image files as the C.img has been updated to fix support
    when using the New RP2.3 in DirectX9 Mode. Older versions will be lacking
    the required win9x dll files to run this mode.


  • Roland Deschain says:

    Get it while its Hot! The How to Play Diablo 2 Video with Dosbox Turbo:

  • Nicolas Rafael says:

    Works with Tibia?
    Can i play the multiplayer mode of diablo 2?
    Age of empires works well on it? And the multiplayer works?
    Phantamasgoria runs?
    Im thinking in buying it :-)
    Sorry if wrote something wrong

  • HAZZARD says:

    I wish there was an alternate way to do the HDD image stuff, because I
    can’t use that application to open them and stuff, because I need to wait
    until the geeks clean my PC. Anyway to do this with some sort of apk.? (By
    the way, the reason I’m still trying to work this, is because I still
    haven’t been contacted about my refund)

  • Roland Deschain says:

    Attention Dosbox Turbo Users there have been some recent changes to the app
    and you may need to modify a few things to get it working properly again.

    In the dosbox settings menu after you select “manual mode” there is “Config
    location”. You will need to change the path to find the dosbox config in
    the root directory of your internal memory.

    It will say something like this(Note the path can vary depending on the

    Remove this part:

    Change it to this and it will work normally again:

    This should redirect the data back to the root directory of your internal

    Take a look at the Dosbox turbo page here:

    Read a forum note about it here:

    Sorry for the inconvenience the new default locations are as follows:

    Default manual config file:

    The default location for the manager app launcher config:

    Default dos game space that is mounted as C:

  • Roland Deschain says:

    I’ve added a new version of the Dosbox package(3.0) to the list. It should
    run faster and is recommended for slower devices. The catch is that the
    image is based on win95 and only has direct x 8.0 support and therefore
    won’t run all the games in the supported list. The list can be found in my
    XDA thread below.

    [Guide+video] How to Play PC Games on Android with DosBox Turbo (XDA Forum
    Note:full guide, help/troubleshooting, supported game list, system
    requirements, benchmarking and more here:

    2)c] Version 3.0 runs slightly faster since its based on win95 but only has
    DX8.0 support and therefore doesn’t run as many games as V1.0. Use this
    version to play games on a slower device that don’t require DX9C support.

  • 365 Tito says:

    Umm, hey comrade Ronald, your tutorial helped me a LOT , Subscribed, liked :) but can you tell me why I installed some old games and they won’t run, I
    mean, fallout is quite a demanding 3D game so why won’t it run a simple 2D
    game?. Everytime I run it it shows a crash blue screen, prompting me to
    restart computer or terminate application. Thanks in advance for your help ;)
    Comrade Tito :) ))

  • julian blanco-cerda says:

    Fallout forever. 

  • wk19781 says:

    Hi. Thanks for the tutorial. Does this work for any pc game? when i try to
    open my game in dosbox turbo I get an error saying “error starting program.
    there’s not enough memory to start mount&blade.exe. Quit some programs and
    then try again”. Dosbox turbo is the only thing running on my phone and i
    tried rebooting my phone several times but it didn’t help. I am using a
    Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.4.2. Maybe this means that this game
    is just to demanding for my phone’s specs? thanks

  • joshua church says:

    Thanks for this tutorial Roland. I have a question though. Would I be able
    to run Jedi Knight Dark Forces II without using daemon tools and using the
    alternative method instead?

  • Ewan Inglis says:

    +Roland Deschain would this work in regular non android dosbox?

  • Microwave Hate Machine says:

    Gr8 tut bro but im stuck :( I’m getting a dx error I need NT version 4.0
    service pack 3 or greater… Im trying to get the restoration project for
    FO2 to run… any advice? 

  • Murdoch493 says:

    I’m gonna try to figure out how to run The Sims, since it says it’s
    runable, but there’s no instructions…

  • Roland Deschain says:

    Important Note added to the instructions, Please Read!!!
    b]Attention Dosbox Turbo Users there have been some recent changes to the
    default directory paths. Due to these changes you will now need to change
    the directory path back to the old default or place the dosbox config into
    the new location in step 7. You can change the default location now by
    selecting “Config location” right under where you selected manual mode. You
    will see a directory path similar to the one below. Note the beginning of
    the path can vary depending on the type of device used.

    Default manual mode config file directory path:

    On my Note 2:

    Remove the part from between the dosbox.conf and the root directory of your
    internal memory(Aka the primary external SDcard):


    On my Note 2:



    New Default paths for dosbox turbo files and folders:

    Default manual mode config file:

    Default location for the manager app launcher config:

    Default dos game space that is mounted as C:

  • Greg Lyris says:

    On my Galaxy S4 i9505 ( Snapdragon 600 ) i experience about the same
    performance, maybe a bit faster at times, but it’s about the same thing.
    I’m extremely excited about this! Playing all these awesome games on my
    phone while i’m on the tube to work or whatever …. simply amazing ! A
    single big thank you to the developer of this app isn’t enough! Thank you!

  • Burak Şeker says:

    Hey, you are totally awesome! Is it possible to play Alpha Centauri using
    this method?

  • brian winter says:

    I just updated my tablet. I’m going to try this again.

  • thomas mclean says:

    Can I play world of tanks and supreme commander 2

  • Knuxfan24 says:

    Just a little note. This works on the original PC DOSBox (at least the
    DOSBox Daum varient) Yay portable Rollercoaster Tycoon! :D 

  • mj suarez says:

    Sims 1 complete collection compatible on dosbox

  • Jonak D Rozario says:

    Can i play the house of the dead in it?

  • rpeters330 says:

    A bugged recap arches prevents me from downloading

  • Sean Lopez says:

    trying to mount off my sd card I keep getting Can’t Create Drive from
    file…any idea why??? got it running off my internal but it only mounts
    the C: and D: it wont boot straight into it like urs

  • Csaba Togyer says:

    after removing dos box i lose this 2 gb hdd space, can i somehow got back
    it? maybe i need to install dos box again and unmount somehow?

  • Devin Dang says:

    +Roland Deschain will this run any good on my moto x 1st gen

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