See to how to transfer music from iPod to computer Windows 8 with iTunes 11. If your computer crashed or you got a new computer, you need to see how to trans…

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  • Chieffs says:

    can you please update this, because I cant see any of these other files,
    all i see is DCIM and its all photos

  • Juribe17 says:

    my ipod is stuck o only viewing pics for some reason the computer rcognizes
    it as a digital camera how do I fix it

  • varuka salt says:

    NOTE: i had to uninstall itunes to be able to see my ipod in “file
    explorer”. otherwize it just showed, the three hard disk drives that you
    see in yr vid. (2x local and dvd).
    just an fyi if youre not seeing your itunes media name. uninstall itunes
    and then youll see it. i just got this windows8 on an hp laptop in january
    of 2014. just to let you kow

  • Mike Garbett says:

    Worked like a charm!! I had an old rapidly fading iPod that was synched up
    to a computer that died about 5 years ago with some songs and Audiobooks,
    which aren’t cheap, that I didn’t have on my new computer. This helped me
    recover the songs step by step perfectly and move them from my old Pod to
    my new iTunes and iPod. extremely easily. Many many thanks!

  • dance2themusic731 says:

    Actually looking to transfer everything on my ipod to new computer. Not
    just songs. Movies, tv shows, apps etc. I prefer not to transfer itunes via
    hard drive etc as I have an older ipod generation that I no longer have. I
    don’t know how to get it off of itunes.

  • William Oslund says:

    I tried with windows 8 and then on a widows 7 machine, both times the
    transfer worked great. BUT! when I opened iTunes the track identifiers were
    a group of four capital letters not the track name. The track plays well
    but I can’t identify the tracks until I play them. I have been trying to
    retrieve songs from my iPod for several days now with no luck. Apple drives
    me crazy I think maybe I’m to old for Apple devices. Please Help if you
    have time. Thanks Sincerely wizardofoz43. 

  • Hannah Morgan says:

    Oh my gosh, this worked perfectly for me!!! Thank you so much for this
    video!! I tried looking up on itunes support and calling an Apple
    representative and none of them worked without a flashdrive or the old
    computer. Then a friend recommended this video. Thanks again so much!!!!!! :D 

  • Travis Voth says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for the great, easy to follow tutorial! I
    spent an hour searching the web trying to figure out how to do this, and
    your video was the only thing I found that worked. Thanks!!

  • Stephen Lambard says:

    Thank you so much, this worked flawless. You saved my music. 

  • Rob Perrot says:

    anyone know if this works for ipod Classic? from 10 years ago? 4,000 songs
    and I dont want to lose them :( Dont want to go through all this unless it
    will work! 

  • says:

    How to Transfer Songs from iPod to Computer Windows 8 Free w/ iTunes Library

  • Maya Whelan says:

    i have an ipod mini and it says d not diconnect like for 4 hours

  • Peter Grantham says:

    Thanks, Nick. That was helpful.

  • alaine93 says:

    What if my ipod isn’t coming up under “Computer”?

  • Mac says:

    I can do this but all the songs have random names like “QRSU”, how do I
    extract them and keep them as they are? 

  • Bradley Stroup says:

    thanks so much for this. I had a laptop crash on me and my iPod had songs
    and videos that couldn’t be replaced and especially not easily so I never
    was able to add music to it since I didn’t want to lose them. Thanks again
    dude. That just saved rare performances +nickscomputerfix 

  • roy ebanks says:

    what if you don’t have itunes and i just want to download my ipod can i do
    this just using windows.

  • The Sidara says:

    thanks for posting it. It helps me a lot.

  • John Clark says:

    How were you able to download iTunes? My surface tablet won’t let me. 

  • Richard S says:

    This was a really big help due to my computer crashing. For some reason, I
    had to first copy all the music files and then add the ITUNES software.
    This video was extremely helpful as well as easily explained. 

  • Ben S says:

    This was very easy to understand. I did it in about 10 minutes. Thanks for
    the step by step.

  • Chris Cash says:

    My computer is only recognizing my Ipod as a camera. Pulls only pic on my

  • Santiago Zuniga says:

    Thank you very much :) 

  • Kyle Morris says:

    Thanks champ, i love youtube! 

  • Goose Fabba says:

    If your ipod doesn’t show up as drive (F:) what do you do?

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