This is how to use and download free music in the free music app! Enjoy! Hibernian TV – Free Music Download App …

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  • Ergo Sum Adrieyl says:

    I love your accent. 

  • Monique Carmack says:

    OMG! It worked!
    Thank you sooo much!

  • TheGhostMaster1337890 says:

    Mp3skull is better

  • iHelp Tech says:

    Hey guys. I’m not sure if the app has been taken down or not as I’ve not
    been on my iPod for ages so try the link and if it doesn’t work then I’m
    not sure. You could try to find another app and follow the instructions on
    that app if u want.

    Comment if u want me to do any other app reviews or help u with something
    as I’m not sure what to upload.

    iHelp Tech

  • Carmen Gomez says:

    I got a new phone two days ago and ever since I’ve been looking for this
    app but I can’t find it. I see to have it on my iPhone 5C but now I have
    the iPhone 5S so can you pls put in an updated link? 

  • Racquel Lopez says:

    How come when I try to go back on the app it takes me out ? I don’t know
    what’s wrong I’ve had this app for about a year and I have all my music on
    there I’m a little bummed ;/ There’s so much songs in the app, how am I
    going to remember every song I downloaded and download them onto another
    app ?!

  • Carmen Gomez says:

    If you’ve had the app before and you still have the same apple-ID then keep
    reading. (This only works on apple devices).

    #1 Connect your apple device to your computer

    #2 Open up iTunes

    #3 Press on apps

    #4 Search after “Free Music”

    #5 Click on install


  • Aurora Dean says:

    Ok um I’m trying to DOWNLOAD the app so ya can u make a video or at least
    tell me how to do it because I went to the App Store then searched free
    music but I couldn’t find it :/ can u please help me?

  • thomas burns says:

    I can’t download it!! Does anyone have any apps that work in the same way
    as this one. Plz help

  • junho says:

    Damn it I have this on ios8 but it shuts down before my download

  • That Guy says:

    I did evrythin right but when i download it, it doesnt go anywhere

  • pisstakecentral says:

    Has anyone else’s app not allowing them to download anymore? And not able
    to listen to music with other pages open, it’s just happened today 

  • Royce Blaze says:

    There needs to be music apps with browsers again that was much better than

  • hayley brown says:

    Just yesterday mine updated itself and now it wont let me download any
    Before i couldnt listen to the music and open another different page but i
    just updated it again so now i can… But i still dont know how to download
    music H EL P i wasnt finished downloading my music lool

  • Omar Padilla says:

    They just brought it back but you can’t download songs through browser no

  • Liv Movies says:

    I’m not sure how to download music on to this app since the update. It
    doesn’t hav the browser anymore. If u know how it works plz help!

  • Corinne Battistelli says:

    What do you think of the new update?

  • Amanda Sequeira says:

    How do u download songs on de new version of this app there is no browser
    option :/

  • verypurpleglam12 says:

    It was a great app then a month ago It updated then I didn’t know how to
    download music on that app now ? So If anyone has any idea on what to do
    please reply thanks 

  • Liv Movies says:

    wtf happened with the new update that came out today! I can’t even play
    music. It’s just a black screen

  • Kolton Hopper says:

    Spotify and Pandora is better

  • It's Just Katie says:


  • kelly carn says:

    How can I transfer my music on this app to iTunes? anyone please 

  • Melissa Faith Yeo says:

    :( This app can’t download songs anymore on iOS 8… Regretting the

  • Richft3 says:

    I have this app on my iPhone 4 and I strictly have that phone just to use
    this app. And now it keeps crashing everytime I try to open it and it’s
    been like that for about 2 weeks now. And I turn it on and off about 3
    times a day. HELP

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