How to sync your songs to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. In this video tutorial I show you how to sync your songs using iTunes 11 to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you have any questions…

25 Responses to “Itunes 11 Tutorial – How To Sync Songs To Your iPhone, iPad or iPod”

  • Cxeri93 says:

    this whole itunes sync song thingy is like solving a Da Vinci code

  • Patrich Batin says:

    what should be the problem of it??

  • fingerboardw00d says:

    i have an old laptop with my whole library of 550 songs. i have it synced
    to my ipod but i got a new computer and i downloaded a song for 99p onto
    it. i cant sync only that one song without deeting everything else already
    on but i will have to pay again if i want it on my old laptop… help?

  • ROBLOX Gaming says:

    Mine says, “You must authorize this computer before you can download
    previous purchases.”

  • SnowyDoes says:

    how about itunes 12? you know, that even shittier, harder to use version
    apple released.

  • GCR - Gaming, Computing, & Randomness says:

    Can someone explain why my iPad started randomly playing the album “Songs
    of Innocence”?

  • Sora Haruki says:

    I plugged my Ipod on the computer, but it didn’t show up in Itunes. 

  • Jackson Vasquez says:

    Can you PLEASE make another “How to Sync Songs in iTunes” video? iTunes
    updated to iTunes 12 and now it’s a cryptic mess again. Your video on how
    to sync music in iTunes 11 was a LIFE SAVER, and I was hoping you could do
    it again for iTunes 12. Please? 

  • Bethany Marble says:

    *Hey, does somebody have Free iTunes Codes?*

  • Mushailov Mariana says:

    when i drag a song to my iphone device it doesn’t make a blue little window
    when the mouse in on the “iphone” icon… but when i go to playlists it
    does. what do to??

  • Sl Ash says:

    Technologyguru77 Thanks mate

  • Dednian Terimikate says:

    Hey great video, but I have a slightly different problem, I’ve already run
    out of space on my ipod and was hoping to remove a few songs and then add
    other songs instead, I was hoping I’d be able to tick the boxes of songs I
    want and not tick the boxes of songs I wanted to remove, but it seems the
    option you showed with the genre and everything does not allow for
    individual song picking. Is there anyway I could just use the box ticking
    rather than having to do each song one by one?

  • KittyCatsGaming says:

    *Windows version please? .. And Updated :3*

  • Ari Major says:

    It doesn’t matter what kind of music or song I am listening to on ITunes or
    YouTube. No one can’t use this to judge my personality because you are
    fooling yourself to criticize someone by their musically preference.

  • Masanori Araki says:

    I don’t know how to download songs without wireless do you how to do it?

  • Rachael Andree says:

    Listening to playlist on iphone 5s. How do I quit?

  • QBee240 says:

    I want to since my library especially one particular song with my iPod
    touch but it’s not working or at least I’m doing it wrong. This song will
    Not sync and the only way I can find it is to select the home sharing tab
    but I want it on my actual ipod…PLEASE HELP ME!! 

  • Michael Molette says:

    How do you even take music off your iPhone and put it in I tunes when you
    didn’t even much get it off of iTunes 

  • Hiba Rana says:

    If you do press sync music and lose your music how do you get it back ?

  • vballnum6 says:

    i did this, and it wiped out all my songs….. i had 575 now im at 0.

  • Romel Hernandez says:

    Can you teach us more on IOS 8 how to; tanks man peace!

  • cheri lacey says:

    the itunes is not saying ipod on the right hand of the corner 

  • Hannah Lockwood says:

    Use this, it’s awesome for free iTunes codes :

  • The Void says:

    I plugged my ios device and did not get the icon iphone 5 :( please help me

  • Atom B says:

    I created a new playlist on my ipod touch and added a couple hundred songs.
    I arranged my songs alphabetically in itunes and synced but when i go to
    my ipod they’re still all jumbled up and out of order. What did i do wrong?

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