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25 Responses to “Learn Android Tutorial 1.1 – Installing Eclipse ADT and android SDK”

  • Parth Oza says:

    please help with the updated version of android sdk.when install a new
    software in eclipse it says An error occurred while collecting items to be
    installed.i am not able to install sdk with eclipse.please help.i have got
    SDK manager and AVD manager on two separate lines.

  • A.Chap says:

    Why does my eclipse boot saying “Eclipse Indigo” rather than “Eclipse
    Helios” like your’s does.

  • Sam Bond-Taylor says:

    @mybringback Im on windows and when I open the SDK manager cmd just opens
    up the closes. How do I get it to work?

  • Sam Bond-Taylor says:

    I have also specified a path but that made no difference either

  • Dalmatia Fx says:

    Hey man i need help… I did everything you did in this tut (EVERYTHING)
    and when i go to create new android project, i don’t have that opinion (i
    only have android application project and other stuff). When i create
    android application project everything is slightly different and it confuse
    a lot. If somebody know how to fix this please tell me :-)

  • Moon Sky says:

    why don’t this work on my mac os x 10.6.8

  • Nabil Makhout says:

    Thanks man! Seems like you saved me so much time :)

  • This Guy Does Linux says:

    if i switched to the android tutorials from your java ones after finishing
    them, should i skip to a certain video? or watch from the beginning?

  • Shivang Semwal says:

    hey thanks man your video helped me a lot !!!!!!!!! KEEP making more videos
    dude :D

  • Dogs and Computers says:

    This entire tutorial seems too dated, as there’s a new SDK for android and
    the instructions are no longer useful unless you have a deeper
    understanding of this material. As this is supposed to be for beginners, An
    update is necessary!

  • Mohd Hamza Choudhary says:

    hii , I downloaded the ADT n unpacked the zip file, then i tried to launch
    eclipse unfortunately it did’nt launched , giving an error as ‘JDK (Java
    development kit) should be available to launch eclipse, java virtual
    machine was not found in your path’. please help me what to do now, i m new
    to it.

  • Zeromadcowz says:

    This video is 2 years old, 64 bit was only in higher-end computers when
    this was uploaded.

  • ZEOtheguardian says:

    im having trouble with the SDK manager on windows. It looks so different
    and it has no sidebar with the virtual devices or anything. So I could use
    some help on this if you’re still giving it out. thanks.

  • ZEOtheguardian says:

    do I need to APIs? thats another thing i wanted to ask but, i have no idea
    how to work this program in windows. so if you could do that part in
    windows i’d appreciate it.

  • John Knight says:

    Just started with your tutorials, but i seem to be doing something wrong. I
    have downloaded the ADT and SDK from android. When ever i try and open the
    SDk Manager and AVD Manager, as soon as it opens it closes again. Thanks
    for creating these tutorials and thanks in advance for your help

  • Len Howard says:

    Hello Travis – would you be able to do another version of your 1.1 tutorial
    using Juno version of eclipse. I am getting close to having set up but the
    screens are so different. I think others may be having trouble as well.
    Thanks for your tutorials, they are great.

  • iBorn4Gaming Productions says:

    hey u r just awesome…! i think(believe) you may also have Apps on apple
    and android…..and if name them please!

  • Zyo says:

    Hey, I’m having an issue once i get to the screen at 5:31 it tells me
    “Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not
    be found. Software being installed: Android Development Tools
    22.0.1.v201305230001–685705 (
    22.0.1.v201305230001–685705) Missing requirement: Android Development
    Tools 22.0.1.v201305230001–685705….

  • Pratap Kumar says:

    Amazing , Awesome Travis , great work , if possible add some video
    regarding sensors , WIFI, android Telephony some complex part of android ,
    that will be beneficial for many post begainer level Thanks

  • Pratap Kumar says:

    HI Travis , How to delete the sent mail list from the sqllite Thanks

  • uhZme says:

    so what do we do differently? Im confused, I click on eclipse and it says a
    JRE or JDK must be available in order to run eclipse

  • EinstienJr says:

    Bro, if you are programming for android, you can simply download the
    software development kit. It give you eclipse and everything you need.

  • Hugo Barbosa says:

    nicest guy ever. almost fell in love.

  • Domantas Plunge says:

    Damn works, but i dont understand at all :D But thanks bro its enought it
    worked, im happy :)

  • Sai Prasad Rm says:

    Hey Windows 7: when I attempt to run eclipse setup, it says jre, jdk, jvm

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