The newest in the Trains Galore series is finally here! It’s Passenger Trains Galore! All aboard! Take a trip throughout the western United States once again to visit a wide variety of passenger…

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  • CoasterFan2105 says:

    The newest in the Trains Galore series is finally here! It’s Passenger
    Trains Galore! All aboard!

  • Rob Catt says:

    Does Christmas come early in the USA?! What a present of a video! It
    must have taken quite a bit of skill to put that together. So many things
    to enjoy – and there were a few of your individual ‘trade marks’
    throughout. Like the reflection of the train early on and those wonderful
    old steam trains. I’ve had a glorious half hour watching – and I’m gonna
    run it again – several times. Thanks Mike. PS. Have you ever thought
    of doing a video on Los Angeles station? It’s all very thirties and art
    deco with the architecture and the art work and waterfall at the rear

  • Becki Heusel says:

    Where is that little desert town with the big church? Green and yellow
    train – engine looks like a switcher.

  • Morten Larsen says:

    Very nice – but please film the whole train, instead of cutting off the
    last cars…! :-) 

  • Pablo M. Rondina says:

    Passenger Trains Galore!

  • bluedoris smith says:

    Wow , that was great, sitting here in cold snowbound England! what a great
    California, oh California..! Geoff.

  • struck2soon says:

    Some great shots in there. Just a suggestion: instead of a sequence of 5
    shots showing same train, why not mix the whole lot up?

  • Pedro García says:

    Excelente tu trabajo..Me gustaría incluyeras El FERROCARRIL DE VAPOR
    DEL GRAN CAÑON. Gracias.

  • gacj2010 says:

    Where are those DMU sprinters

  • gacj2010 says:

    Boy do I love those trains

  • WHITE LEBRON FAN 123 says:

    Nice catches especially the F40 and P42 at the end And the infamous D&S :) 

  • Official Zombiekid2001 says:

    Are ACE commuter trains common over on the West Coast? I don’t really know
    much about west coast railways other than Amtrak California, Surfliner,
    Metrolink, Coaster, Cascades, and Westcoast Express.

  • RAY PRUITT says:

    6;50 at Train made in Germany, wer do they use that train in the USA?

  • JOSEALVIM100 says:

    Que beleza! Vamos torcer para que no Brasil possamos ter também meios de
    transporte tão eficiente e bonito como esses deste vídeo espetacular;
    parabéns ao autor e cinegrafista desta obra prima!

  • Karel From Holland says:

    great trains in North America

  • Alexi Lauto says:


  • Alexi Lauto says:

    the part where the metrolink crosses and at the same time AT&SF 3751 is

  • Samuel Zelter says:

    I don’t think the D&S is maintaining their locomotives particularly well,
    listen to that clank!

  • pmzephyr22 says:

    Our passenger rail system is pathetic in the USA. Every time I go to Europe
    I weep with embarrassment. Not only that we have lost it and all the
    potential it would have brought but also the fact that it is too late now
    to get any of it back. It’s deteriorated into tourism and nostalgia when it
    should be vital and innovative in our infrastructure.

  • zaki zadin says:

    For anyone who is interested in Rail Travel

  • Serba-Serbi Dunia says:

    Trains Is The Best And I Hope Visit at location

  • Jason Delos Tiller says:

    Awesome video, well done!

  • Railfans Hub says:

    Superb I subscribed to your channel..

  • magik2005 says:

    America really has noisy trains over there. Not so much the engine noise,
    which I love, but the constant blasting of the horns, which gets tiresome
    after a while.

    I know it’s US railroad policy, but why do they blow them so long at every
    crossing? In NZ, they only give a couple of short blasts, even on
    uncontrolled crossings. Granted we don’t have the concentration of people
    as America does, even in small towns, but the incidents of rail-injuries
    and death for pedestrians and automobiles crashes is still about the same.

    If the rail-crossing lights and barrier arms and horn-blasts don’t keep
    stupid people from dying at crossing and stretches of rail, then nothing
    will. :P

    As an afterthought, have to say I really love those old streamliner
    engines. Ah, the glory days of the rail…what happened to them?

  • mochamad chamim says:


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