Have you hated playing games on mobile phones with virtual joysticks? If so then you have come to the right place. In this video I will demonstrate how you c…

25 Responses to “Play Android games with 360 controller”

  • Jash Thacker says:

    Will this work on galaxy s4 OR NOTE 3?

  • Alicia Harper says:

    Question: do u need a wired controller

  • Jay Man says:

    0:27 The “12 cores” are in the GPU and they are shader cores. That really
    isn’t that much. Compare it to a typical desktop GPU like, say, a GTX 780ti
    which has 2,880 shaders (aka CUDA cores) or a R9 290X which has 2,816
    shaders (aka Stream processors) and you can see that 12 shaders really
    isn’t mind boggling. Even an ancient by today’s standards Xbox 360 GPU has
    48 shader cores. In all the devices I mentioned, the shader cores are all
    different so count doesn’t really mean much but still, the 12 cores in the
    Tegra 3 GPU are far from a “beast”.

  • Mysterious Rusher says:

    So helpful thanks a lot mate. That was not sarcasm.

  • KennyTheTaco says:

    Will a 3rd party controller work?

  • ArmyofTwoBot says:

    Can you make a video of doing it on the wireless controller? I will
    subscribe if you do. :)

  • Kareem Scott says:

    Will Galaxy Mega and IPhone 5c work? 

  • Ivan Kok says:

    Good Video Eric, i own a Galaxy S5, did the 360 controller works on Order
    and Chaos online? In order to compatible, will the device required a root?

  • Ethan Switzer says:

    Will this work on galaxy s4? And still work with newest software?

  • Jack Da Melon says:

    Could it possibly work with an Xbox one controller Eric? If you could
    answer this, that would be great!

  • robert reilly says:

    Does it work with a razer Motorola 

  • 4592reaper says:

    try six axis works good for modern combat 4

  • Jakob Hoffmann says:

    ”multimedia” = porn? ;D

  • net200777 says:

    How do you power your phone with this

  • Clan Crafted says:

    Help! I plunged my Xbox controller in but it doesn’t light up :’(

  • websaint says:

    and on my transformer prime HDMI output, awesome.

  • ismail w says:

    it doesn t work

  • Dan Hunter says:

    Can you use this set up with emulated games?

  • solidus6989 says:

    Wonder if this would work with a Samsung GalaxyS3 o,o

  • Fuck Murder Inc says:

    What camera you use to record this video?

  • Erik Hart says:

    could i play GTA San Andreas on my nexus 7 (2013) tablet?

  • Angelo Restrepo says:

    Hello Eric,

    I have a android Tv box and running latest OS KitKat I was wondering if you
    have experimented with six axis does it map each game or are those settings
    universal? Do you know if it works on the 360 controller? I am going to
    need an additional 360 controller so I thought this would be the route so
    that way I can use it on my Android Tv and the xbox 360, but if you think a
    PS3 wired controller works best I will get that instead any advise? I tried
    the moga controller do not like it and the MOJO controller is a good
    controller but can’t use it on both systems. I also saw a usb hub you can
    connect to use the wireless controller but really don’t think I need that.

  • LegendaryTV says:

    Nice Video Thanks Helped Me Out A Lot

  • Dino Smash says:

    must you root your device to do this?

  • Thomas lund says:

    Nice video :D haven’t tried it yet but I will when my mum and dad r gone o
    they are gone in that case I am going to rob the USB thingy bye thanks for
    the video also I wonder it if will work with my mouse from the laptop 

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