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25 Responses to “Top 16 Best Free Android RPG Games 2014 Part 2 (Aug-Nov)”

  • snow wave says:

    Have a nice vacation wish you best luck hopfully we see the best after
    you’re back safely ☺

  • Felipe Ferreira Freitas says:

    Which are the order of best games including the part 1?

  • Alex Player says:

    Cool vid m8. But I din’t downloaded any of these games… I want video
    “Best MMO, online, multiplayer games of the week”.

    Btw guys- Prop Hunt Portable is really fun game…

  • PrivatesPlay says:

    whats your favorite android RPG game? not necessary to be 2014.

  • Final Boss Desco says:

    2:20 Did I just see a Jinouga/Zinogre from Monster Hunter Hunter 3

  • ♪мąĿıŋŦǿοŦѕ♪ says:

    Those *plots* though.

  • NdoeGates says:

    oh god , i’ve already seen all of these reviews on the previous vid , but
    still make me laugh lol
    can’t wait for english version of cross summoner !!!

    btw have a great vacation dude

  • Лина Про says:

    I really need your help, guys! How I can play in game Kritira if I have
    root-device? PLS help

  • Liang Huang says:

    Official toram website

  • Khai Nguyen says:

    nice cross summoner i shall wait for your arrival ^^

  • Gustavo Fernandez says:

    Greetings from Argentina, Love your videos

  • AndroidNub says:

    Wondering what free RPGs came out in August-November 2014? Here’s my list
    to keep you updated. Sorry if it’s a little messy, only had 3 days to put
    this together.. and made lots of last minute music changes. =_= Now I have
    a plane to catch. ;0
    (Didn’t find any good games this week for a GOTW)

  • AndroidNub says:

    Aw Elune Saga just came out. I missed it in this video. By Gamevil. It’s like Summoners War.

  • Zero Walker says:

    Sadly Tera battle don´t work in Sweden when I try to DL it says it´s not
    for my region it sucks. 

  • claudio Cunha says:

    I love etherlords :D 

  • AndroidNub says:

    Important: I will be on vacation all of December so I won’t be able to make
    any videos or reply to any comments. Really sorry about that. It’s a family
    vacation and I don’t really have much choice. :/ I was going to make a
    video about this but I decided to finish this 2014 rpg video instead at the
    last minute. Thanks for the great year and all the support. Hope you guys
    have a great December and New Year’s. 

  • Phorozen says:

    Try out Darkness Reborn, solid free online RPG

  • Khai Nguyen says:

    how do you get cross summoner on an eu iphone ? 

  • Abam Abam says:

    your list game is bored and make me sleep…ZZzz

  • extasist says:

    games that support gamepad? action, rpg, hack and slash.?

  • Warren Seradilla says:

    What rpg game are the best for samsung galaxy s1 advance?

  • azfar70196 says:

    Too bad these games look good in art but casual in gameplay. Most of the
    ported PC to Anroid games are available in Chinese language only. There is
    one from IWPlay World company which ported Perfect/Forsaken World for
    Android. Feeden Games took over Dawn of Immortals. Not sure what the devs
    in Perfect World Entertainment are doing. I myself am a hardcore PC gamer
    and hate casual gaming. Therefore I only play quality games like XCOM, I
    even subbed for Vedetta Online and it was really cool.

    But what saddens me is the lack of mobile quality games due to low end
    processors on our current generation phones. I’d really like to see a good
    MMO that has strong character customization and good gameplay. Atleast
    third person gameplay will do.

    Kritika charges $60 for a swimsuit which was rediculous but I spent over
    $100 on Dawn of Immortals because it has a good balance of both
    fashion/combat and it lives up to the ‘MMO’ terms and not playing around
    with bots helping you out in dungeons. I subscribed to this channel hoping
    to get more news for more quality and gameplay for Android.

  • fred louis says:

    seriously this guy sounds just like Omar from the old original
    mmohut…hahha :) 

  • Jan Leonard San Diego says:

    Sir can you make a list of latest good offline rpg thanks ^_^

  • RageGoria A.H says:

    English ver of cross summoner? oh boy :D ,btw androidnub, there’s this RPG
    that named Chain Chronicle, it’s a good RPG with a bunch of story, but it’s
    only available in australia atm, if you managed to get your hands on it,
    why not include it in your next video? it’s hella fun.

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