Top 20 Best Free iOS 8 Tweaks and Apps for your iPhone How to Jailbreak iOS 8 ▻ How to Install Cydia on Windows ▻…

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  • iTwe4kz says:

    I figured you guys wanted some tweaks go to along with the shiny new
    jailbreak you have. So here’s 20 FREE tweaks to check out to get you
    started! Enjoy!

  • Adam Arvizo says:

    Is it safe to jailbreak or should we wait.

  • Brainzter1 says:

    Do you recommend to update to ios 8 I’m currently jailbroken on 7.1.2 

  • HAYDEN TURK says:

    iTwe4kz can u make a video and tell us when cydia comes with the jailbreak

  • FrownGaming says:

    please help me i cant get the bytafont 2 icon on my springboard and in my
    settings please help

  • Trevor Ledger says:

    Does this jailbreak crash a lot? That’s why I’m a little hesitant to do it,
    because it took a while for my 5s to stop crashing when I had my jailbreak.
    But after a few Cydia updates my phone barely crashed

  • Roland Horváth says:

    Hi! Your iCloud address is visible at 7:24! Just for letting you know!

  • FilleTheManTV says:

    My phone is stuck in the endless rebooting what can i do? I downloaded
    winterboard but when it was time to reboot it get suck. How do i get out of

  • BannedFromUtube23 says:

    when i install i cleaner it doesn’t show up on my phone

  • Brian Coleman says:

    iTwe4kz, I have a restored iPhone 5 running iOS 8.1 and I unchecked the box
    before I jailbroke it but it still installed a weird “PP” app. I restored
    it again and retried the jailbreak but it still installed the app. I even
    deleted the Pangu tool off the computer and re downloaded it. Please help.

  • ЯΣDD Blockland says:

    Anyone help? I installed BytaFont 2, but the app icon won’t show, and it’s
    not in the settings.. D:

  • Paulo Da Silva says:

    everything worked fine but when i reboot my phone it doesnt restart again
    only a black screen and the apple logo.

    i restored my phone did the jailbreak again cydia works fine but again when
    i reboot my phone it stuck on the apple logo


  • Ayoub Laanani says:

    The way the letters look is different, what the name of this tweak ?

  • brandon rivera says:

    iTwe4kz how can i fix my problem of cydia.. When I turn off my iPod 5 and
    then turn on it stucks on the apple logo why?

  • CriticalGamer says:

    I don’t recommend jailbreaking on ios 8, but if you do make sure you don’t
    turn off your phone because (for me and my two friends) it was stuck on the
    apple logo so I had to restore my phone.

  • Alexor P says:

    iTwe4kz could you do a video when the jailbreak comes avilable to do with a

  • wiztom2011 says:

    Since jailbreaking, I can’t send pictures on iMessage. Help plz

  • BuRNzeeH says:

    Can anybody please help me? I jailbroke my device and everything works
    perfectly cydia and everything. But when my phone either goes out of
    battery or i turn it off , it wont go back on and i have to restore it on
    itunes? It stays on the apple logo forever. Before i jailbroke my device i
    turned off passcode and find my iphone. This is on an iPhone 4s , any help
    would be appreciated thanks! 

  • Jom Pogi says:

    What the hell is wrong with mine, my JB is like broke because it keeps
    wanting to go to safe mode 

  • SONIC1 says:

    DONT install winterboard, it will give you a stuck boot logo after install

  • marquan williams says:

    After you jaikbreak you cant put the passcode back on ?

  • ItsPatrickYT says:

    You broke my new iPhone.. My dad is gonna kill me :( 

  • JR S says:

    please respond! whats the name of that tweak that lets u delete every tweak
    without having to go to cydia?

  • Alex Eagle says:

    I searched up mobius on cydia and it didn’t pop up… Can anybody tell me
    what’s wrong?

  • AllahuSnackBar ™ says:

    in my iphone 5 16 gb i have installed taig but when i try to download a
    tweak or a theme it doesnt work pls help me

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