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  • iTwe4kz says:

    Ask and you shall receive! Here are the my Top 35 Tweaks for iOS 7.1.2! Let
    me know what you want to see next in the comments! Follow me on Twitter!
    http://bit.ly/iTwe4kzTwitter & Instagram! http://bit.ly/1lxNc1a

  • Le Grammar Nazi says:

    Will jailbreaking my iPhone 4 fuck it up?

  • A.$z says:

    Hi i need the fastest help i can get,i got iPhone 5S black 16gb i
    jailbreaked and i’ve installed,Some Apps and tweaks like
    Soundcloud,Winterboard,Unlimtones.and everytime im launching those apps
    they wont open,Or Crash after few minutes.Please Response fast as you

  • Vułcan says:

    Hey, when i open Cydia and search for all these tweaks, they don’t show up.

    Is it because i have an iPhone 4?

  • Von'Air Bro says:

    If you’re just now discovering what jailbreaking is..
    I would advise you just not to even try it..

    No, jailbreaking isn’t illegal. No, you will not get in trouble.
    If you jailbreak correctly, no, your phone will not “fuck up”.
    No, you will not go to jail if you jailbreak.. Goddamn fucking noobs.

  • Saida Spanta says:

    cydia is illgeal please delete it or you will be cought

  • santiago espinoza says:

    cydia is illegal search it up. (I’m not saying its not col just saying its
    illegal and i have it)

  • Seth Felger says:

    this nigga spent like 100$ on tweaks lmao

  • Mysterious Assassin says:

    What’s the tweak in the thumbnail

  • Awesome Gaming says:

    Ok about what i just said! DO NOT USE BADGE BOSS ON IOS 8! it froze my
    phone for 5-10 minutes. but then eventually it restarted and went into safe

  • ben antebi says:

    man can you send me the the tweaks by mail

  • anonymous3221 says:

    is there anything like Asphaleia but using appellancy? IE using appellancy
    to unlock apps?

  • Monkey Brains says:

    Help i install appdye and it asked me to go to settings and i cant i cant
    use my iphone :( help pls

  • oTwistaa__ says:

    HELP!!! I downloaded NoSlowAnimations and iturnt the speed up to fast and
    then it reset and went into safe mode, now it cant get out of same mode,
    can someone please help???

  • Sinasthetic says:

    Activator doesn’t work setting Dictation to a gesture. tried a couple
    different things to no avail. otherwise pretty cool, but i really wanted
    that to work, in particular, since the microphone symbol is tiny

  • Germán Becerra Hernández says:

    Playing a little bit StatusHUD2 Crashed my iPhone 4 be care-… oh… it
    looks that after safe mode and restarting it actually comes to life again.
    So don’t panic anyone xd

  • SR71xBLACKBIRDx says:

    WARNING:CCLoader may cause your springboard to crash and force your device
    into safe mode

  • Jordan_Paige_Keavy_Katie_Connor says:

    please sign this petition to keep jail breaking legal!!! It is not a virus
    or anything just enter your email and some other stuff please❕❕



  • Patrick Star says:

    6:30 through 6:36 when u see it

  • Pawan Rangoonwala says:

    plz wright all jailbrek tweaks 

  • Cat LazyIGooL says:

    05:43 start, is there a name too? Can I know that name? 

  • Goster walker says:

    SOO… I opened Cydia after following a tutorial doing everything right,
    and It did it’s Preparing Filesystem thing, rebooted itself, and when
    finished I unlocked my phone and the app WAS GONE! I don’t know what would
    cause this or why, so I figured, “Hey! perhaps it just didn’t download
    properly!” but by opening the jail-breaker again it was said that my device
    was already jail-broken….? If so than where is Cydia? Can some1 help me
    out on this matter I would deeply appreciate some different perspectives of
    the problem.

  • ytim08 says:

    @Goster walker why don’t u just restore and jailbreak again but make sure
    it is untethered!!!!! 

  • Josh Wadsworth says:

    Awesome job on the video 

  • Javonney Hennessy says:

    Is there a way that i can change my boot logo to something else?

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