Here are the Apps & Games I have been playing on my smartphone! Apps Shown: OfferUp Inferno (Series) BandsinTown Dark Echo Magic Rampage Spotify FOLLOW ME Twitter: …

25 Responses to “What’s On My Phone – Apps & Games for Android & iOS”

  • Tuden Jamir says:

    As for me i am playing Hearthstone on my iphone and having a blast!

  • DubiousGamingOnline says:

    I’m glad reel big fish was highlighted in that bands in town. I’ve seen
    them over 50 times. they are among the best live bands ever

  • Round2GamingChannel says:

    Thanks for sharing, man! Doesn’t look like “OfferUp” is available up here
    in Canada, but hopefully it comes here soon. Until then, guess I gotta pay
    full price for those razors ;) 

  • Dan Mac says:

    You should ask money to your subscribers and buy the new iphone 6S 256GB
    when it comes out in September. That would be really cool!

  • MrProgHuman says:

    With that beard you look awesome, man!

  • lokigator says:

    Sharing youtube videos such as this one is a health concern and a possible
    criminal offense. This is not a funny video.

  • Bob Jones says:

    I just found Spotify the other day. Its a really good music service even
    the free side is great. They have all the Rammstein albums which is

  • joe blow says:

    I couldn’t find your used Razor man..

  • Jayden B says:

    Can you make a in depth video on your vinyl collection 

  • Mizzah Tee says:

    MetalJesus Rocks a Brotee! I can’t stand self righteous people who think
    they’re smarter than you and have no sense of humor. You obviously aren’t
    really trying to sell a used razor, my gawd, some people.
    I thought it was hilarious!

  • MachineGamesTX says:

    Downloaded Offer Up, thx bud!

  • Will Dale says:

    Yeah but did he buy the razor?!

  • 16BitBrothers says:

    Sexual beard for a sexual guy !

  • Derek C. says:

    I was able to use this app to help with my yard sale thank you very much +
    MetalJesusRocks without this video I would not even know what Offer Up is!

  • hovermotion says:

    cool….i like the look of magic rampage….nice update….

  • Pablogonzae says:

    You got to love the video thumbnail, this is how Metal Jesus is supposed to
    look like!!!

  • ZachAttack84 says:

    Sister Sin is touring with King Diamond and Slayer on the Mayhem fest. I’ve
    been a fan of them since the beginning when I saw them open for Loudness. I
    saw H.E.A.T. in there too! I wish they would tour over here

  • Zombie Gorilla says:

    ’80s Butt Rock Bonanza’

  • Inazuma65 says:

    I don’t think you can own any games for android or ios, due to the download
    only (with DRM) nature of it. If you support mobile games, and you also
    enjoy playing retro games, you are a hypocrite. Pick one.

  • Your Coins My Purse says:

    I honestly think you look better with the beard.

  • Max Harry Johnson says:

    I prefer ripping my music and playing it offline. But if I have to I rather
    use Google Play Music. In addition to their All Access subscription, it let
    you upload up to 20,000 of your songs for free and stream them.

    Also T-Mobile allow their users to stream from all major music streaming
    services for free without using up their data.

  • TheNewFlesh says:

    Go for the full beard, Metal “Jesus”

  • xxkomebackkidxx says:

    Hey MJR are these games available on Ipad as well?

  • nayrnyc says:

    Dude, go full beard. The goatee is the asshole of the face!

  • Adam Woloszyk says:

    MetalJesus, how did you record your iPhone screen like that? I do training
    videos for work and this can come in handy!

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